Better ways to work from home in 2022

It’s all about dressing right and avoiding distraction…

Once again, the government has advised working from home. After almost two years of being out of the office, I have realised that there are right and wrong ways to work from home.

This time around, let’s work from home more effectively, in a way that is beneficial to our wellbeing and productivity. Here are three tips that I feel are conducive to healthier ways of working from home.

1. Get into clothes you would wear to the office

For many of us, getting physically ready for work is an important part of mentally preparing for the working day. It may be tempting to slip out of bed 15 minutes before your 9am start and throw on the comfiest clothes you own, but wearing clothes we would usually wear to the office, can help make us ‘feel the part’ even in our bedrooms or home offices. This can help us separate work and home-life, and lead to higher levels of productivity.

2. Try to separate your workspace from your relaxing space

Having a separation between work and relaxing can be challenging. If you are lucky enough to have a big enough home, make sure your workspace is different to where you relax

Creating physical space between where you work and relax is important in creating a healthy work-life balance. If not, you may find yourself getting distracted by your surroundings during work, or checking work emails during your downtime

3. Time-management is key

Work can easily bleed into lunch breaks, and lunch breaks into afternoon tasks. To avoid overlap between breaks and work, make sure you keep to the breaks you’ve planned for yourself and stick to the times you planned to work

Working from home offers potential distractions that never existed at the office, so being disciplined with your time management can lead to higher levels of productivity and minimises your chances of burnout.

Essentially, having a clear separation between work and relaxing is the most important aspect of ensuring a healthy work-life balance. Following these tips could improve your wellbeing, home-life and productivity – while limiting your chances of burnout.